Software testing is an important aspect in Software development life cycle.Poor quality of software code could seriously hamper the business transactions in production environment. Many companies around the world have lost their respective market simply due to the lack of adherence to software’s quality standards. ‘TechProlix Testing Services’ provide wide range of testing types to cover an end-to-end quality check of the software/application before it is deployed onto production servers, so that highest levels of customer satisfaction and business profits are assured.

By following the ‘Test Early’ Approach, we help in identifying and fixing the defects early while ensuring a timely completion of project .


1. Performance Testing

TechProlix takes pride in their industry-rich and years of vast experience and expertise in ‘Software Performance Testing and Engineering’.

TechProlix understands the challenges of Performance testing of a tiny mobile app to large scale enterprise application. We are specialized not only in Performance Testing but also in Performance Engineering which focuses on addressing and solving various scalability and performance issues of an application and its IT infrastructure. TechProlix using their vast and rich experience in ‘Performance Engineering’ will help our clients to:

Apart from Performance Testing Tools, TechProlix have detailed knowledge of :

2. Functional Testing:

A Functionally Stable application is the pillar of any e-commerce business. TechProlix has ample experience in delivering manual functional testing services for CRM and ERP softwares and various applications across BFSI, Healthcare, Automobile, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics domains.

TechProlix has expertise in Client-Server as well as Web based Application’s Testing. Detailed process is followed for Defect management and Regression testing to save time and efforts to ensure faster project completion. We even do Cross-Platform, Cross-Browsers, multilingual and UI testings.

3. Test Automation:

It is very time consuming to test all test cases manually after each and every deployment. In such cases, automating the tests, proves beneficial towards the on-time project completion. TechProlix’s automation services would help build a robust and trustworthy test automation suite which would be re-usable and easy to understand. We make use of both open-source as well as advanced Licensed tools.

4. Mobile-Application Testing:

TechProlix with in-depth knowledge in Mobile testing, understands the problem areas and offers testing solutions that include testing of applications using handheld/mobile devices for both native apps as well as web-based.

TechProlix's Mobile-Application testing process would address the issues related to Mobile device management and security using emulators and simulators.

5. Security Testing

Security Testing has become an indispensable part of Web application development life cycle due to increase in privacy breaches in businesses and organizations.

At TechProlix we assess the security of the system or database to eliminate access by any unwarranted entities and how well the system protects against unauthorized internal or external access by following the industry standard guidelines of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Web Application Security Consortium.